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Top Ten List for Supportive Parents

10. Listen together to all styles of music - both live and recorded - and share what you like or don't like about the music or the performance.

9. Help your child keep their instrument in good working order, and have necessary accessories such as reeds, valve oil, slide greese, cork greese, slide oil (for trombones).

8. Be sure your child has a music stand to be able to sit or stand tall and hold their instrument correctly when playing at home.

7. Help minimize distractions when your child is practicing (and doing other homework) so they can focus on their work.

6. Encourage your child to stop and practice difficult measures over and over until they are played correctly, then play the song again from beginning to end.

5. Encourage your child to play along with an accompaniment or recording once an exercise or piece is learned.

4. Occasionally allow your child to practice with friends. It's always fun to make music in a group!

3. At the end of each practice session, your child should be able to answer two questions:
a. "What improved today?"
b. "Which pieces or skills need work tomorrow?"

2. Attend your child's concerts - don't just drop them off and pick them up when it is finished.

1. Stop what you are doing to listen to your child play something on their instrument each week.





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